Doctor scale series

 Model: DT605

Specification: Max=136kg d=1kg

Weight: 3.3kg




EB9 Ultra Thin Series

1.5 LCD digits

power: 1*3v lithium cell (CR2032)

Model: EB9312

Specification: Max=200kg d=0.1kg





Product  information:

Standard Cotton Cuff

Non-stop pin Manometer

2-tube Adult  size Bladder

Standard Latex Bulb

Special Vinyl Zipper Case

Air-release Valve with Spring

Standard End Valve



 Product information:

 Chrome-plated for case and handle

59.5mm-diameter dial

Deflation valve: 'push' for rapid deflation , 'screw' for precise  deflation

Classic shining nylon cuff without  D-ring

1-tube PVC bulb

Shining nylon carrying bag

Large and Valve with dust filter



HS-30B DUAL HEAD Stethoscope For Adult

Product information:

Dual head chest piece for adult. Oxidized aluminum chest piece, the membrane with diameter 48mm is sensitive for sound collection. Applicable for auscultation of heart and lung.

The small bell-like chest piece  is used for auscultation of slight and low frequency sound.

Aluminum alloy chest piece, good sound conduction.

Standard single PVC tubing, color is optional


Digital Thermometer

Model :DT-01A


1) Display range : 32.0~42.0° c (90~107.6°F)

2) Accuracy : ± 0.1 °c (±0.2°F)

3) Min . scale :0.1

4) Measurement time (reference only):

     a) 60±10 seconds in oral

     b) 100±20 seconds underarm

5) Beeper function

6) Auto shout –off

7) Battery : 1.5V button battery (LR/SR-41)

8) Size : 127 x 18 x 10mm

9) LCD : 15.5 X 6.5mm

10) N.W.: 10.5g

11) Memory : last measuring reading


Elaborate design and high quality. A classic instrument for physician with fiber optic illumination


Large viewing window

Featured with good airtight seal

Distal fiber optic illumination with xenon halogen technology

Homogenous illumination of ear canal and tympanum

Large scratch-resistant glass viewing window with 3X magnification

Diamond-decorated handle or general handle is optional

Durable and easy to clean

Handle is co-used for HS-XX10 system


2 AA batteries used